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AgCountry Farm Credit Services

Providing credit and financial services to more than 25,000 farmers and ranchers across parts of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin – AgCountry’s 45 local offices give both full and part-time farmers convenient access to farmland financing, products with more options, greater flexibility, competitive rates, local decision making, and personalized service.

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FarmLend offers an online process to get started with a land loan from participating Farm Credit associations. Connect with a local ag financing expert.

Learning Center

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Land Loan Process: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re considering borrowing money for a land purchase or refinancing an existing land loan, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the land loan process before applying for financing.

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FarmLend allows you to get started online with financing from AgCountry Farm Credit Services. AgCountry Farm Credit Services is a mission-driven, customer-owned financial cooperative that has been serving agriculture for more than 100 years. To start a land loan through a local office, use the AgCountry Farm Credit Services office locator to find the nearest location.